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Meet Zach Cobb
Owner of Z.N.Cobb Barn Builders

Zach Cobb ZNCobb Barn Builders

In November of 2008 after serving the U.S. Air Force I moved from my hometown of North Canton, Ohio to Greensboro, North Carolina.  I began working as a designer for what would become one of the largest kitchen remodeling companies in the state.   Within one year the company went bankrupt and was under federal investigation for fraud.  Of the close to 1,000 kitchens the comapany sold during their first year in business only a few were completed.  They over promised all of their customers and were unable to deliever.   All they cared about were sales numbers, they knew nothing about remodeling.  The owners of the comany and like most assumed construction was an easy industry to be in and something anyone with a hammer could do.  I left the company in August of 2009  just a few months before they closed their doors.  I no longer could stand to be apart of a business that had no clue of what they were doing and were just about robbing people of their money.  That very day I bought a work truck and about one week later began working on our first project.  I've been in construction just about my entire life, I figured if these jokers could do it I atleast had a fighting chance. 

Now, over 5 years later I still get no greater joy than stepping back and taking a look at a completed project knowing that the customer is 100% satisfied and thrilled about the work we have done.

In 2013 my wife was accepted to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  In order to be able to spend more time with her and our two dogs, I decided to offer our services to the Buckeye state.  I divide my time equally between the two states completing one project at a time.

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